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Do you know how power travels to your house?

The sun reaches inside homes in Bahia

The partnership between Enel Green Power and the Indian NGO Barefoot College has now reached Brazil where women in the rural communities of Fazenda Velha and Estrada Velha do Garimpo have learned to install and manage solar panels, yielding benefits in terms of energy, employment and health.

Virtual Reality, a training ground for safety

From playing to training. From theory to tangible experience. A tool that will improve the training of technicians who daily perform operations and maintenance within sophisticated facilities, such as Enel’s power plants.

Enel to the discovery of the blockchain

Bloomberg has included the blockchain among the ten 'disruptive' technologies of 2017 capable of changing the face of industry, the economy and people's lives. The blockchain is a database of records distributed along a chain of blocks which is virtually invulnerable in terms of cybersecurity and allows exchanging information, ownership records and contracts between parties without a "trusted third party".

The sun’s energy for Emergency

A centre of excellence in paediatric surgery will soon be built on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, the largest in Africa and the second largest fresh water reserve in the world.