Personal Data Protection Law in force in Argentina

Personal data protection and privacy

This document complies with the requirements set forth by Law No. 25.326, regarding Personal Data Protection in force in Argentina, since October 2000, its Regulatory Executive Order No. 1558/01 and all current regulations issued by the Access to Public Information Agency (AAIP) in its capacity of Authority for the application of the aforementioned Law, with the purpose of protecting the data of data holders.

Enel Argentina reserves the right to modify or suspend this document, at any time, in order to adapt it to new legislation or new provisions published in the Official Gazette or by the corresponding Comptroller Body.

 Consequently, we suggest to any individual or entity (hereinafter "Data Holders"), to periodically read the definitions set out herein. At the same time, it is understood that by entering your personal data on the Enel Argentina Website, you thereby acknowledge and accept what is described below.


 This document is applicable only to the information collected by  Enel Argentina  through the means mentioned below, and to no other companies and/or organizations or Websites with which Enel Argentina has or may have a commercial and/or technical relationship.

Obtaining information


The Data Holders accept that Enel Argentina requests information that can be considered as personal data; therefore, Enel Argentina through its digital channels, makes forms available to the Data Holders in order to effectively manage communications and commercial activity between Enel Argentina and the Data Holders (clients, suppliers, people, general public).


The Users of the Enel Argentina Website are hereby informed of the procedures followed for the collection, via cookies and/or other monitoring technologies, of information provided when they visit the Website.

Cookies are small size text strings that the Websites (visited by the User) send to the device used (for example, PCs, tablets, Smartphones, notebooks, among others), where they are stored to be retransmitted to the same sites, during the next visit, by the same User. Cookies may be subject to prior consent.

The cookie identifies the device in which it is stored during its entire period of validity or registration. During the visits to the Website, the information related to the navigation data received from the User's device could be stored through the cookies installed in such devise.

Cookies perform various functions and allow the user to navigate the site efficiently, remembering the user´preferences, and improving the browsing experience.

They can also help personalize the advertisements displayed during navigation, as well as the marketing activities directed to the User, ensuring that they are carried out consistently with their interests and preferences.
It is clarified that any Personal Data provided or collected through the transactions performed on Enel Argentina Website will be processed by Enel Argentina or another company duly authorized by Enel Argentina for this purpose.


The Data Holder hereby guarantees that all data provided to Enel Argentina is true and correct, and that he/she will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements. Enel Argentina is not responsible for any inaccuracy of the Personal Data entered by the Data Holder on the Enel Argentina Website.

Enel Argentina shall not disclose or transfer the collected information that allows to identify the Data Holders with any other company, organization or persons, without the consent of the Data Holder who provides the information, except in case of requests made by governmental, national, provincial, and municipal entities, whether controlling, regulatory, judicial and/or security entities that have the power to request the information.

Rights of Data Holders

Enel Argentina hereby offers to the Data Holders, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 25.326 exercise their rights to update existing data in Enel´s commercial databases; such update includes correcting, accessing, modifying and/or deleting the information collected as the holder´s personal data; the update does not consider the process of "Change of Ownership for Services or Products".

The Data Holder may exercise the aforementioned rights for free.

The corresponding forms are hereby made available, as needed by the Data Holder.