Electric mobility is already a reality

After the launch of our first charging station last December in Buenos Aires, we are ready to receive the electric cars.


Featured stories

Argentina promotes geothermal energy projects

Aware of the great geothermal potential of the Andes Mountains, the National Government will promote initiatives and projects of this type of clean energy, within the framework of the transformation of the energy matrix that began in 2017.

Biomass grows in Argentina

Statistics of the Biomass Committee of the Argentine Chamber of Renewable Energies (Cader) indicate that our country has between 60 and 80 biomass plants, of which 20 are large facilities.

Our hydroelectric plant gave life to El Chocón

Enel Gx El Chocón is one of the most traditional hydroelectric plants in our country. It is located in the Patagonian region and is a pride for all Argentines.


Formula E

Working with Formula E allows us to reach more and more people and be open to new technology, two of the pillars of our Open Power approach to energy.

Creating shared value

This initiative collaborates with the community development and the environment through the recycling of spare materials.