Cañuelas premiere LED luminaires

Cañuelas premiere LED luminaires

We deliver furniture to children of Casa Garrahan

Keys to understanding Distributed Generation

Free electricity courses for the community

22 km of network for San Vicente Substation

Customers may sell their surplus energy to Edesur

We fly over MV and AT networks

We receive the best averages of Engineering UBA

Enel Costanera Generation

Enel X signed an contract with Santander bank

An engineer in the Control Center

Our distributor renewed its fleet

Energy that adds in full action

How Enel Generación El Chocón Works?

We fly over MV and AT networks in rural areas of the Province

he development team of the Edesur Network carries out a thermographic survey plan in order to prevent possible failures in the air networks.

We receive the best averages of Engineering UBA

The academic effort made by Nadia Sueldo and Aníbal Baradei in the FIUBA | Engineering Faculty of the UBA is paying off.

Do you know how Enel Costanera Generation works?

Enel Generación Costanera is the most important Thermal Power Plant in Argentina and the one with the highest installed power of its kind in all of Latin America

Enel X signed an energy consulting contract with Santander bank

Enel X signed a contract with Santander bank to provide its energy advisory and management service.