We participated in the C40 in Buenos Aires

We participated in the UCA Employment Fair

Energy efficiency project in SPB

Energy efficiency project in SPB

We are advancing on the energy transition

Enel X strengthened its alliance with Santander

More works at the Bosques Substation

Circular cities for sustainable growth

Enel X installed a photovoltaic park

Enel X inaugurated an electric charging station

Enel X's turnkey project at the OSDE building

Enel, born to change

Enel X participated in Expoagro 2022

We illuminate the Faculty of Engineering

Enel Argentina towards a circular economy

Costanera studies microalgae production

With a QR you know the biodiversity of El Chocón

Declared of interest Enel's actions for the women

We planted 220 trees on Costanera property

Costanera delivered 40 tons of recycled wood

An School of Circular Economy for Latam

Safety shoes for ous operators

Checking Costanera emissions

Brainco helps monitor Costanera's emissions

This SME is a provider of analytical instrumentation and services for the industry and the care of the environment. It is a leading Argentine company in emissions monitoring and air quality analysis.