Enel X installed a photovoltaic park in one of the biggest refrigerated cargo companies in Argentina

Published on Thursday, 9 June 2022

More and more companies are looking for environmentally friendly solutions when it comes to growing. One of them is SurFrigo, a dry and refrigerated cargo logistics operator from Argentina with more than 25 years of experience in the market.

At its headquarters in Ezeiza, in the south of Greater Buenos Aires, Enel X carried out the project to install a photovoltaic park. The work has 648 panels and installed power of 305 kW, with an estimated annual generation of 470 MWh. It means 32% of the company's current consumption. Banco Santander is key to achieving the agreement since the entity provided the financing.

It is a turnkey photovoltaic project where Enel X carried out the logistics, engineering, work execution, supply, and start-up.

In this way, Enel X accompanies SurFrigo on its path to more sustainable logistics through renewable energies.  In addition, it collaborates with the company to be in line with the current demands and standards of the market.

“We signed an agreement with SurFrigo, where Enel X provides end-to-end provision for a photovoltaic installation project. Banco Santander was a key in this alliance since it provided the financing for this work”, highlighted Juan Erize, General Manager of Enel X Argentina, during the inauguration of the work.

In this sense, Matías Eliceche, General Manager of SurFrigo, explained: "Were installed solar panels on the roof of the new frozen warehouse, and was carried out a whole project to be able to supply that energy to the network. That allows us to move towards sustainable logistics and gradually become self-sufficient".

For his part, Ignacio Lorenzo, head of Investment Banking at Banco Santander, highlighted the benefits of the initiative, which allows "the provision of a renewable energy source and savings on electricity bills".

Looking to the future, Erize highlighted the commitment to generating more sustainable projects for companies interested in this change: "Enel X Argentina is actively working with different initiatives and clients interested in installing different photovoltaic parks".

In this way, Enel X reinforces its goal of accompanying its customers on their path to sustainability using renewable energies.