“One of its main objectives is to search for the maximum operative and maintenance efficiency.”

Enel Generación Costanera

Enel Generación Costanera (formerly Central Costanera) is part of the Group and is located on the south coast of Buenos Aires city. Since its acquisition, it has been started an ambitious unit refubrishment program and the improvement of facilities to increase availability levels and improve safety of the electrical energy supply. The company has positioned itself as the most important thermal generating plant in South America, with 11 generating units -conventional and combined cycle-, with 2.324MW of installed capacity.

Enel Generación El Chocón

Enel Generación El Chocón (formerly Hidroeléctrica El Chocón) is part of Enel Goup. It is an electricity generating company utilising waterfalls, in works located at El Chocón and Arroyito on the Limay river.

The hydroelectric facility has a total capacity of 1,328MW and comprises El Chocón plant, with a capacity of 1,200MW (six generators of 200MW capacity each) and Arroyito, with a capacity of 128MW (three generators with a capacity of 42.6 MW each).

Enel Generación El Chocón has an annual average generating capacity of 3,600GWh, representing about 3.2% of the generation of the Argentine Interconnected System (Sistema Argentino de Interconexión, SADI) according to the numbers registered in 2010.

“Hydroelectric generation is crucial to develop the ability of countries to promote a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.”

Hydroelectric energy is a clean and renewable natural resource in constant formation by nature. It is also practically inexhaustible, being produced by rainfall and it is more environmentally friendly than other energy sources.

Enel Argentina understands that hydroelectric power is crucial to develop the ability of countries to promote a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

Central Dock Sud

Central Dock Sud S.A. is an electric generation and comercialization company based on Dock Sud, Avellaneda district, Buenos Aires province. Enel has 40 percent of shareholds.

Since 1996, work has been carried out on the modernization of facilities and on the expansion of generation capacity by entering into service the new mixed cycle in 2001.

Currently, Central Dock Sud has state-of-the-art equipment in terms of operating efficiency and care of the environment, minimizing the consumption of resources.