Diversity and inclusion: keys to success

“We adopt diversity by challenging prejudices, beyond old conventions and settled patterns.”

The Enel Group is committed to maintaining a balanced and inclusive work environment. More women are hired to fill positions in our technical teams, managing plants and leading projects with local communities. They include engineers, operators and managers. One of our priorities is to continue improving in this area.

We are a multi-generational company which believes that age diversity is key to sharing knowledge and learning on a continuous basis. Our company is a combination of solid technical knowledge and experience acquired throughout years of innovation and an entrepreneurial vision. We get the best results when we value the expertise and knowledge of senior members of our staff and also when we rely on our younger members bringing forward even more challenging projects.


“We value diversity because we know that innovation at global level, and even for smaller projects, is achieved within more inclusive environments.”

Diversity also means reinventing on an every day basis, sharing experiences, thinking differently and being open to change. We are on the lookout for people that can think of differences as opportunities to grow and to learn. Diversity is the spark that will transform the energy industry at global level.