“The main commitment undertaken by the company, along with its shareholders, is to ensure the quality of its products and services in order to supply efficient power distribution.”


Become a power utility company that distributes and markets an essential and critical supply to satisfy the basic and comfort-related needs of companies, institutions and individuals with continuity, safety, quality and efficiency.

Add value by educating and assisting customers on using power safely and efficiently, minimising the environmental impact, providing quick and final solutions to problems and acting with social responsibility.

Achieve personal and professional improvements for the members of the company, as well as a genuine level of community insertion. Within this framework, the company intends to be considered as a leading business in this sector and reach a sustained level of profitability for its investors.



  • Customer-oriented
  • Commitment to quality, safety and the environment
  • Community integration
  • Transparency
  • Learning and training
  • Profitability for investors


Scope of Services

Edesur distributes power to approximately 2.5 million customers, reaching over 2 million homes and supplying electricity to 310,000 shops and large companies.

Its concession area covers 3,300 km2, including the southern areas of the City of Buenos Aires and 12 municipalities in the province of Buenos Aires. Its electrical grid of 32,500 kilometers allows the company to distribute over 20,000 GWh, which represents 20% of the country's power. 


Number of customers (December 2015)


Residential customers

2,169,336 (87.49%)

Commercial/industrial customers

302,133 (12.18%)

Large customers

8,090 (0.33%)

Supplied population

6,100,000 (approximately)

Power demand

21,109 GWh

Electrical grid extension

32,500 km (approximately)