“We are aware that the balanced implementation of our economic, social and environmental responsibilities, on the basis of sustainability criteria, is essential to maintain our current leading position as well as to improve it in the future.”

Compliance with commitments adopted to improve sustainability levels is expressly driven by the Company's Management.

It affects each and every employee and all persons working for the company; therefore, we extend those commitments to our suppliers and contractors.

Therefore, this is subject to third-party acceptance.

Environmental Aspect
Regarding the environmental aspect, we are committed to working efficiently and protecting the environment surrounding our work locations, developing new technologies and work methods or renewable energy sources to take care of the environment.

Economic Aspect
Regarding the economic aspect, we are strongly committed to our employees, ensuring effective management and solid ethical principles.

Social Aspect
The company's social aspect ensures our commitment towards our customers, improving service quality, and to our employees, with regard to their health, safety, personal and professional achievements.

These commitments are fully integrated into our daily tasks and are subject to periodic review and improvement by the Management and by all participants.