Enel Américas opens session of New York stock exchange

Published on Friday, 2 December 2016

Enel Americas arrives on NYSE with opening bell ceremony

By ringing the NYSE Opening Bell, the company celebrates the end of its corporate restructuring process in Latin America

Santiago, December 2nd, 2016 – With the traditional ring of the New York Stock Exchange’s Opening Bell, Enel CEO Francesco Starace and Enel Américas General Manager Luca D'Agnese kicked off today’s transactions on the world’s largest stock market, marking the end of the Enel Group’s corporate restructuring process in Latin America. The restructuring took almost a year and a half and simplified the Group’s presence on the continent, enabling the separation of operations carried out in Chile from those carried out in Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Colombia.

"Ringing the Opening Bell on the New York Stock Exchange is a celebration of the successful end to the restructuring process and allows us to present the new Enel Américas as a profitable company that creates value for its shareholders," said Luca D'Agnese, General Manager of Enel Américas.

The main objective of restructuring of Enel’s Latin America assets was to make the group's corporate structure simpler, more flexible and efficient. Until early 2016 Enel operated in the region in five countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru – through Enersis. In March, operations in Chile and the other countries were divided between Enersis Chile and Enersis Americas, which each had their respective generation and distribution companies.

Subsequently, on September 28th, the second part of the restructuring, the merger of the Americas vehicle, was approved, meaning that the shareholders of Endesa Americas and Chilectra Americas became shareholders of Enersis Americas. In parallel with the restructuring, Enel’s companies in Latin America are in the process of aligning their brands with the rest of the Group worldwide and, as a result, are also adopting Enel's new modern, open and flexible brand identity. Enel Chile and its subsidiaries, Enel Generación Chile and Enel Distribución Chile, have already been renamed, while Enel Américas and its subsidiaries in Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil have changed or are in the process of changing their name and brand.

Enel Américas is one of Latin America’s leading private electric utility multinationals. Currently, it has direct and indirect participation in the electricity generation, transmission and distribution sectors, as well as in other related areas, and it has operations in four countries in the region: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. The generation companies of Enel Américas have an installed capacity of 10,951 MW, while its distribution companies serve about 13.5 million customers.

The Enel Group is the controlling shareholder of Enel Américas via Enel Iberoamérica SRL, which owns 60.62% of Enel Américas’ share capital.