The energy of innovation

With the presence of Ernesto Ciorra, Enel head of Innovation and Sustainability, and Estanislao Bachrach, a leading neuroscientist in the field of innovation, Innovation Day was held for the first time in Argentina April the 11th.

Innovators, influencers, authorities and workers of the Group were summoned in the Konex Cultural City to participate in a space of open innovation, where they were challenged to break with their own patterns of thought and leave their comfort zone through different experiential experiences and motivational activities.

Ernesto Ciorra spoke about the group's main projects in innovation and explained that the company's current approach is based on the Open Innovation vision. This means that with a mixture of passion, knowledge and will to work, things that may seem impossible today are possible tomorrow. "We have to challenge our certainties. Do not be afraid and do not put limits, rules limit our mind", Ciorra stated.

At the same time, Estanislao Bachrach shared key neuroscience tools, models and concepts in the creative process, invited the participants to understand innovation within the framework of organizations; to ignite the spirit of collaborative work; and to encourage the people to generate new patterns of behavior. "To be creative, the first thing to do is break with the rules", he said.

The activity invited to dream, to believe in own ideas and to understand that in any field you can be innovative and creative.