Day of safety and health at work

In order to celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Edesur, the electricity distribution company controlled by Enel, organized training sessions for two of the most important technical schools in the City of Buenos Aires.

On Friday, April 28, teachers and students of the Institute of Technical Education and Professional Training “13 de Julio” visited the Training and Training Center that Edesur owns in the neighborhood of Villa Lugano to meet and learn about the operation of the same.

Similarly, on Tuesday, May 2, senior year students at Otto Krause Technical School No. 1 received training on the daily tasks of our workers.

These days were developed to exchange knowledge, learn and establish relations between the present workers of the company and the future technicians of the sector.

As part of the activities, the students received a theoretical class on Edesur's operation, the characteristics of the company, its concession area and the networks it operates. In the practical part, the students were able to observe a rescue in height carried out by a crew with its own personnel and they get to know the installations to observe for themselves low and medium tension networks existing in the place.

These activities are part of the Plan of action of the area of ​​Health and Safety with the priority placed in the Prevention of accidents, for which it is fundamental to know and be informed about the facilities and their characteristics, and the risks and precautions that must be taken to perform daily work.