Enel launches E-Solutions, a new global business line

·         New division entrusted to Francesco Venturini, formerly head of Enel Green Power.

·         Antonio Cammisecra, previously head of business development at Group’s renewables arm, takes over top job position at Enel Green Power.

Rome, May 17th, 2017 - As a further step forward in the execution of the Group’s growth strategy, Enel has established a new Global Business Line, named E-Solutions.

The new unit has been launched to capitalise upon the power industry transformation, and is aimed at understanding and servicing the needs of Enel’s global customer base by exploring opportunities in areas of new technologies to develop customer-centric, innovative products and both non-commodity and digital solutions.

Enel’s new Global Business Line, headed by Francesco Venturini – who over the past three years has  successfully run Enel Green Power – will focus on the areas of electric mobility, vehicle to grid projects, recharging infrastructure, energy efficiency management, batteries and energy optimization platforms, public lighting and distributed generation systems. It will be structured initially around four primary areas:

1)     E-Home & Consumer Solutions, focusing on smart home solutions;

2)     E-City, delivering fiber optic, lighting, signalling and security solutions;

3)     E-Industries, developing “off grid”, “limited grid” and distributed generation systems;

4)     E-Mobility, also covering recharging infrastructure and second-life batteries.

All of these areas represent potentially significant business opportunities, leveraging the disruptive technology evolution to create value in an era of deep and transformational cross-industry changes.

“Evolutions in technology present new possibilities, offering value to those who do not fear them”, commented Group CEO Francesco Starace, launching E-Solutions. “Over the last three years we have been working hard to deliver against the new Open Power strategic vision for the Group. This strategy calls upon us to open energy to new uses, new ways of managing energy for people, and new technologies, amongst many other things. This is the basis upon which we are moving forward with the execution of our new strategic plan, and in particular in helping to deliver against our two key value drivers, Customer Focus and Digitisation. The launch of the E-Solutions global business line therefore represents an important, strategic step forward for Enel. We are working on the integration of the business alongside the more traditional aspects of the power industry value chain, and we are excited about exploring this new world of opportunities”.

E-Solutions will operate globally in all markets where Enel already has an operational presence, as well as potentially also leading the Group into new geographies.

Enel Green Power, which manages the Group’s portfolio of 38GW of renewable generation assets, and remains a central pillar of the Group’s growth strategy, will be headed by Antonio Cammisecra, who in his former role as head of the Business Development team of EGP, was the architect behind the international growth of the business worldwide. Enel Green Power closed out a record 2016, delivering 2,018 MW of built capacity over the year, more than double the 2015 result when over 1,000 MW of built capacity was brought online. EGP has a 2017-2019 project pipeline of 6,700 MW of new built capacity.