Enel, together with the Garrahan Community

As part of the Sustainability Plan carried out by Enel Argentina, on May the 3 and 4, two working days were held at the Garrahan Pediatrics Hospital, located in Parque Patricios, south of Buenos Aires city.

In a joint work of the areas of Operations, Works, Measurements and Logistics of Edesur (the distribution company of Enel in Argentina), improvements and updating of the electrical infrastructure of this Health Center were carried out.

With the aim of providing more technology and reliability to the network, all the facilities were modernized by means of maneuver equipment and medium voltage protection, and the installation of a new automatic switching and remote control system. In addition to these works, and to complete the improvement in the quality of the service, Edesur will make the connection of two new medium voltage cables that will supply the Garrahan.

All these works were carried out with the support of a contingency plan that contemplated the installation of two generators to supply the Hospital during the time they demanded the works.


A few months ago, a team of volunteers from Enel Argentina carried out work at Casa Garrahan, a foundation that is responsible for caring for critical patient families who live more than 100 km from the Hospital and need accommodation to accompany the children. On that occasion, all the lighting was replaced by LED technology, which reduces the energy consumption of the entity and improves the scope for patient recovery.