More technology, better service

Through our electricity distribution company Edesur, we began the installation of smart meters in the City of Buenos Aires and Buenos Metropolitan Area. This new step in the digitalization of our networks is part of a Pilot Plan aiming to place 5 thousand devices in the entire concession area before the end of the year.

This new equipment, the technology that Enel has been applying all over the world, has numerous advantages, such as reading consumption remotely, early detection of possible network failures (which allows to repair them in less time), and permanent reading of consumption data by the client, which will help them to achieve energy efficiency at home.

Smart meters are the first step towards smart cities. This technological innovation is part of the investment process that reaches to 3,7 billion pesos in 2017, which includes important works such as the construction of the new Padre Novak Substation in Florencio Varela (in the south of the Province of Buenos Aires), repowering of existing substations, the renewal of medium voltage lines and the realization of new High Voltage links, which provide greater reliability to the entire network.

Juan Carlos Blanco, president of Edesur, and Giuseppe Fanizzi, General Manager of the distributor, accompanied the technical team in the beginning of these works and praised this new stage for the company. "This technology is the symbol of what is coming: a digitised network that will improve the service to all our customers," Blanco said, while Fanizzi explained: "In Italy 100% of the network is digital. We aim to achieve the same in Argentina in the coming years. "

With the focus on the client and with a strong investment in technology, at Enel Argentina we move steadily towards our main objective: to improve the quality of service.