Our distribution company faces contingency in Buenos Aires with more than 200 workers

To overcome the emergency caused by the action of a tunneling machine from another the company, which cut a High Voltage cable. our distribution company Edesur installed five "Four Pack" generating sets of 5 MVA each, at the Perito Moreno, Constitución and Ramón Falcón substations, in the City of Buenos Aires. To these Medium Voltage generation equipment, we add another 25 Low Voltage generators, each of 1,000 KVA, in different points of our concession area.

At the same time, Edesur destined more than 200 employees to face this contingency. Thay are deployed both in Villa Soldati -in the repair works of the damaged cable- and in the different points where generators were installed, to stabilize the network and guarantee the supply to the clients.

We recall that the area where the Four Pack equipment was installed was affected by the serious incident that occurred on Thursday, January the 4th, when an external excavation machinery severely damaged a high voltage underground cable, which is of vital importance for the distribution network.

With these works, Edesur has managed to minimize the impact of the service to customers.