Enel Trading Argentina was host at the Costanera plant

Our #EnelTradingArgentina team hosted the meeting we held in #EnelGeneracionCostanera for group clients in Argentina, with the aim of generating exchanges and talking about regulatory changes in the wholesale electricity market.

During his presentation, the general manager of #EnelTradingArgentina, Livio Colasanto, spoke about the opportunities offered by the release of the electricity market and what #EnelArgentina is able to offer them.

During the tour of the plant, our guests: Argentine Trains Operations #MinisterioDeEconomiayFinanzas de #Caba, #RocaArgentina and #NewAmericanOil received information about the value-added services offered by #EnelXArgentina, related to energy efficiency, electric mobility, software for the analysis of energy consumption and electrical infrastructure.