Simple actions that can make a difference

When summer comes and the heat rages, we usually act quickly to lower the temperature in our home and freshen up. It is in those moments when we take the remote control, raise our expectations and exceed the use of equipment.

The ideal is to anticipate what will happen in the day and act with moderation to prepare for temperature peaks, especially for what has to do with the use of air conditioning.

In the case of household appliances such as the refrigerator, the biggest recommendation is to try to open it as little as possible and close immediately. Leave it open, consume twice the energy.

On the use of devices, phones and computers, we suggest turning them off when they are not using them, although they are in savings mode they usually have a consumption called "vampire consumption".

And so with the rest of the teams. Click on our video and review the simple actions that will make a difference in your life.