We fly over MV and AT networks in rural areas of the Province

Published on Wednesday, 3 July 2019

he development team of the Edesur Network carries out a thermographic survey plan in order to prevent possible failures in the air networks.

The work consists of the detection of incidents in medium and high voltage networks that could cause service failures.

The incidents can be natural, such as trees that are very close to the wiring, such as rusted towers or others of a technical nature, which can be identified and corrected in time.

The helicopter overflies the wiring in rural and semi rural areas of our concession area to detect possible anomalies through the identification of heat points in the networks.

The technology used, LIDAR, uses photographs and videos to have an accurate record of the points in the network that require technical or operational intervention. He also uses thermography to capture data.

Edesur has 3,286 km of medium voltage aerial network, of which only rural-semi-rural areas are considered for flights, which corresponds to about 50% of the total. That is, 1,600 kilometers. The high voltage network has 316 km of air network, and to fly with a helicopter it is considered 100%.