Cañuelas and nearby towns premiere LED luminaires

Published on Friday, 6 September 2019

When you travel through your neighborhood: Do you feel safe when you walk on the street? Do you have good visibility from the car? Can you make plans outdoors?

Feeling that the streets and avenues of the neighborhood are an extension of the home is a tranquility. Once you have it, nobody is willing to resign it.

In the municipality of Cañuelas, with Buenos Aires, they have understood perfectly. And a few hours ago, Enel X signed an agreement with its authorities to replace 1700 sodium luminaires and 800 photocontrols, with units with LED technology.

The new lamps will illuminate streets, avenues and squares in the center of Cañuelas, Máximo Paz and Uribelarrea, and will be replaced in the next 60 days.

Best of all, the savings for the Municipality will be 70% in energy consumption and 50% in maintenance, since it will improve lighting and positively impact safety.

Cañuelas is the first of the five municipalities in our concession area that carries out this transformation, which will undoubtedly bring greater quality of life to the neighbors.