Renewable enthusiast generates energy in our concession area

Published on Wednesday, 25 September 2019

The aerial view of Parque Avellaneda, south of Buenos Aires, is changing. Solar panels are already part of the landscape.

At least this happened at the home of Pablo Prieto, who after knowing the new resolution 27.424, which allows to install renewable energy in homes and small businesses, decided to make the request, and step by step to comply with all the requirements of the law to become a generator user.

Pablo is today the first user generator of our concession area that uses photovoltaic energy in his home.

How did he do it?

✅ Acquired a certified distributed generation team, after contacting qualified suppliers.

In his case, he bought 16 solar panels, each of 260 watts, which provide 4.16 Kw / h

✅ Registered on the Distance Processing Platform (TAD) of the state portal

✅ The procedure “User-Generator Connection - Distributed Generation” began, completing Form 1A to reserve the power that you wanted to contribute to the network.

After analyzing the technical feasibility, Edesur responded with the Form 1B approval.

Data: Tax benefits. With Form 1B, Pablo was authorized to manage before the AFIP a Certificate of Fiscal Credit to use in the payment of national taxes.

✅ Approved the request, Pablo proceeded to inform the registered professional of his jurisdiction (previously designated on the TAD platform) that he can start the installation.

✅ Completed Form 2A to request Edesur to install the bidirectional meter. The enrolled professional also signed.

Edesur responded with the Form 2B approval and the installation began.

✅ The Undersecretary of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency issued Form 2C with a “Generator User Certificate” in the name of Pablo Prieto.

180 degree change

Today the terrace of Pablo's house looks full of solar panels. The energy it generates supplies your entire home.

As he is also aware of the efficient use of energy, he hopes to generate a surplus, which will inject the network. It will be the first customer to sell energy to our distributor.

Meanwhile, every evening, the neighbors who look out over the windows of Parque Avellaneda look at Pablo's terrace with curiosity, amazement and enthusiasm. They want to join the Distributed Generation regime. We are all changing.