Villa Miter in Berazategui now better lit

Published on Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Berazategui joined the change and installed more LED lighting in different locations of the municipality.

The turn was this time of Villa Miter, where, thanks to the equipment that Enel X delivered to the public lighting authorities, the neighbors will have more bright and safe spaces.

In this second stage of the project, signed between Enel X and the municipality of Berazategui, we provide more lighting equipment, which will make the school corridors and squares safer paths. To the luminaires we deliver, security cameras are added for real-time monitoring.

This action not only improves the lighting in streets, squares, schools and avenues, but also means an improvement in the quality of life of the Berazateguenses.

The LED lighting allows a saving of 70% in energy consumption and 50% in equipment maintenance.

Fotos: el orden para publicar es la del mapa para el carrusel, y adentro: primero el mapa, luego la calle iluminada, luego la comparativas de una calle oscura e iluminada