First pet-friendly office

Published on Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Our distributor Edesur last September became the first service company to open a pet-friendly commercial office.

It is located in San José 190 (City of Buenos Aires), and there all customers can enter with their pets and carry out their paperwork.

The goal is for customers to feel comfortable and free to enter the commercial office with their pets, because we understand that they are part of their lives.

This is also a pilot experience, which will only apply to the central commercial office located in San José 190, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Later, the company will evaluate how to take this initiative to all offices in the concession area.

The distributor suggests to customers that their pets:

  • You must remain with your owner at all times
  • They must be secured by collar or pretal and strap. We recommend the use of identification badge.
  • If your pet weighs more than 15 kilos, we will ask you to use a muzzle. We appeal to the collaboration of their owners.


  • Pets must be in good condition and hygiene and free of fleas and ticks.
  • Remember that your pet has the health plan up to date and that the rabies vaccine is mandatory by law.