Safe laying for neighbors of Varela

Published on Wednesday, 6 November 2019

A group of more than 50 families in the KM 26 neighborhood of Florencio Varela organized to remove the clandestine network of electricity on their streets and get their own meters. Our Distributor worked with the neighbors to install a new secure line and so that each one can have ownership.

It all started about eight months ago, when two community delegates - a neighborhood of working people located next to the Ardigó station of the Roca Railroad - approached the commercial office of Quilmes to request meters. They also explained that when they bought the land to build their houses they found illegal wiring that stole energy and intended to supply the neighbors.

The first step that the technical team took was to cut the illegal connections, which represent a danger to people's lives. Then work began to install a secure network: they had a standardized low-voltage overhead line along with approved posts and installed concrete columns so that each house can have its individual meter. At the same time, they were given legal advice so that they can collect all the documentation related to the land to register as clients.

The meter installation began on September 25, 2019 and extended a couple of weeks. Now each neighbor is an Edesur customer and can use their invoice to request other services that they want to hire for their home.

Behind these new meters is the story of the neighbors who organized to urbanize their neighborhood and worked with us to achieve it. Electricity is the first service that arrives: when we do it together we always go further.