We promote circular economy

Published on Thursday, 7 November 2019

Some 43 families live today from their job at El Correcaminos, a recycling cooperative that was born 15 years ago in Barracas to give work to people living in conditions of destitution.

Recently, our distributor technicians performed all the internal and external electrical installation, which will allow the compactor and crusher machines used by the workers to work perfectly

Ricardo “Coco” Niz, president of the cooperative, thanked Edesur and took the opportunity to tell that the story of all the workers of the cooperative, like his own, is similar to that of many laborers who with effort and struggle get ahead all the days.

He added that the work of cooperatives is vital for local development, since it enhances the circular economy. "The cooperative model is open and allows the participation of different actors in the value chain."

“Coco” Niz also referred to that, internally, workers feel very comfortable, because there is no vertical model (although there are charges for each worker in the documents) but horizontal, where everyone collaborates with each other.

Ricardo was in a street situation, but he managed to change his reality and that of others. It was organized to found this recycling cooperative, which processes more than 2 tons of products per day.

The Road Runner receives paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastics and glass that he removes from large companies and organizations and helps take care of the environment.

His example of improvement inspires us all.