Home electric car chargers

Published on Thursday, 19 December 2019

The solutions to recharge the batteries are a central part of the development of electric mobility in Argentina, which is waking up little by little.

In addition to the public stations located in service stations, shopping centers and parking lots, there are also homes.

Literally an electric car can be recharged by connecting it to a residential outlet.

The first buyers of electric cars in the country acquire residential chargers that connect to 220v. We want to show you the story of Carlos Jiménez, one of the first drivers of the Nissan Leaf electric.

This is the JuiceBox Pro, which is marketed by Enel X Argentina. This charger works with a power of 7.7 kW so you can recharge an electric vehicle (such as the Nissan Leaf) in just 6 hours to get a range of around 300 km.

The device is installed with conventional electric current and has a capacity of 32 amps.

From it a hose of up to 7 meters is detached to plug the vehicle. The entire process can be followed and monitored from a mobile application that connects via WiFi with the device.