A neighborhood club that reaps small cracks

Published on Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Elías, Fabricio, Kevin and Huguito are joined by a passion: football. The four play in Nueva Era, a neighborhood club in Nueva Pompeya, where they take their first steps as soccer players and learn the basic techniques in the court.

Nueva Era is for everyone more than a club, his house, and the playmates his family. Therefore, they are always willing to lend a hand when needed and invest their time in caring for and maintaining it. Not everyone started at the same time, and yet everyone has been showing the result of their effort.

Fabricio Liquitaya is a 2007 category. He has been playing at the club since he was 5 years old, and has won two championships and a Champions Cup for the club. He feels that the effort has paid off, because now he also plays for Deportivo Riestra, from Nueva Pompeya. It's all black and white.

“Before I didn't know how to stand on the court. Today I stop and I am more time with the ball and more to approach”.

His greatest affections are undoubtedly in the club.


His brother, Kevin, is category 2010 and entered the club at age 3. He is champion of the FEFI Champions Cup (the biggest baby soccer tournament in the country).

The fellowship is one of the most important values ​​for him, "and it has been the club and especially my coach, Diego, who has instilled it in me".

Hence, he doesn't usually count the goals he makes. “I don't count the goals in my life, because I don't want to be self-centered or selfish. If I did, I would be becoming a European player”.

Fabricio (12) and Kevin Liquitaya (9) are brothers and started football in Nueva Era. They were recently signed by Deportivo Riestra and San Lorenzo respectively.

Kevin confesses that for a long time it cost him ‘gambetear’, but today with 9 years he already does it, and not only that, but he hits the bow hard. He was recently signed by San Lorenzo de Almagro.

“Since I was very small, it cost me a lot, now it is a stage that has been passed. I improve a little more every day”.


Kevin shares a category with Elías Coronel (2010), who entered Nueva Era a year ago and quickly showed his skills. He is also champion of the FEFI Champions Cup in 2018. Until that moment he had only played “games” outside his home, with his neighbors, and a little at school recesses. Never as federated.

He was lucky that a dad saw him play, found his potential and took him to the New Age. From then on his life changed. Now he was signed by the Communications Club, where his technicians agree that he has a future.

The life of these three boys is not easy. They live in a humble neighborhood where they lack nothing, but they don't have any left over. His days go by very quickly, between school and training at the AFA and New Age clubs. Their few free hours share them with their parents and siblings.



Huguito Tarazona (1997) is captain of the El Porvenir club, based in Gerli. His story in Nueva Era began when he was 7 years old, as a striker, and today he continues as a football teacher. Every so often he collaborates with those who were his trainers and teaches clinics to the youngest.

“I was always a striker, but one year they told me to play defender and there I started to score, so I realized that I could play in different positions and overcome myself. That is growing, and there I grew up”.

The most important value that New Age gave is friendship. “In the Nueva Era club I had four technical directors, who are great friends today. New Era is a family, it is my second family”.

Huguito does not lose hope of achieving his dream. "To get and live from this you need to have talent, perseverance and never lower your arms."

- What is the first thing you would do if ‘you arrive’?

- Give the club ‘something’ of everything it gave me.


Nueva Era keeps its doors open thanks to the work they do as a team with a vocation for service. Like every neighborhood club, it has not been without difficulties in maintaining its social work. Your technicians, athletes, parents, friends and partners are always willing to help.

In 2019 we were proud to join and support. The Edesur Sustainability team carried out an efficient optimization work of energy equipment in its facilities. Our professionals carried out electrical inspections, technical improvement works and replacement of lamps with new ones with LED technology to illuminate the court, offices and other common spaces.

Diego Graziano is part of the team of anonymous heroes who has given part of his life to the club. He is coach of the boys and secretary: he trains and carries out administrative procedures for the operation of the club.

“We take care of finding everything necessary for the kids to have a place to be well. With the group ‘Defend the Clubs’ we go out to fight it every day so that the club remains open”.

For Diego, the goal is to gradually improve the club so that each athlete sees it as his home. “For every boy in the club is one less boy in the street. That is what we are looking for”, he said.

“You see them grow and for one it is a satisfaction. Every time one of them leaves, a little piece of yours goes away, because there is the love you gave them”, says Diego.

He assures that philosophy in New Age is to train and educate them. “Footballers want to be everyone, but you don't know if they will arrive. The most important thing is that they are good people and for that you have to teach them to share and understand that the other is not the enemy, it is the partner”.