We opened a Training Center in Ezeiza

Published on Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Our distributor Edesur inaugurated the “Ing Beatríz Ghirelli” Training and Technical Training Center, the first in the province of Buenos Aires, as part of the celebration of Women's Day.
This training center, located in Ezeiza, will contribute to the training and development of professionals who perform electrical, security and connection tasks, among others; as well as those who perform work at height or who represent some type of risk.
The focus of all the professionals who will give the workshops will be on technology, security and innovation.
"Safety, innovation and technology are key for our workers to carry out their tasks efficiently and professionally. We take special care of these three aspects, which make up the spirit of our company. To the important investments made in the network, which have allowed us to improve the service, we also add a strong improvement in the training of our technicians and the personnel who work with us, ”said Nicola Melchiotti, Country Manager of Enel Argentina.
For his part, the President of Edesur highlighted that this center will emphasize excellence and best practices that are currently being developed in the world. He also emphasized that it will be a space open to the community.
“It is a space to contribute to the training of better professionals who carry out electrical tasks. But it is also a space open to the community. And, in line with our recognition of women engineers, that is why we have decided to name the center in honor of a woman who always advocated for better professional training, ”explained Juan Carlos Blanco, President of Edesur.


Interactive samples
During the inauguration, the new “Smart Meters” were shown, smart meters that allow the user to have greater control over their consumption, being able to make more efficient decisions for a rational use of energy.
Tests were also carried out with remote controls, which allow remote control and review of the state of the medium-voltage network, allowing incidents to be attended to in less time and improving response times.
There was a point intended to showcase virtual reality technology as yet another innovative training solution. This allows generating safe work scenarios to find new solutions by applying software tools, without the need or costs of working in the field.
In another space, Enel X Argentina showed attendees LED lighting (home and for smart cities) and Electric Mobility, with different electric vehicles, such as skateboards, bicycles and cars.