How we face the threat of coronavirus

Published on Monday, 6 April 2020

Enel, the world's leading energy company, with a presence in 35 countries, early adopted damage prevention, containment and mitigation measures against the specific threat of Covid-19. In this sense, all workers who performed office tasks are under the Smart office umbrella even before the quarantine declaration in several countries.

To give even more protection to its employees, Enel has activated an insurance policy for the Group's more than 68,000 employees worldwide, in the event of hospitalization due to the virus.

Following the guidelines of the holding, Enel Argentina has launched a series of actions and strategies against the threat of Covid-19. About 1,500 employees are working from home, with platforms that also include training courses, conference calls, special conferences for employees and recommendations on health and nutrition provided by the team of People and Organization.

In the first place, the managers of the company focused on guaranteeing the generation and distribution of energy, thanks to the rapid implementation of safety and health protocols among its workers, taking extreme measures to clean up and promoting work groups isolated from others to contain possible cases of contagion. On the other hand, even before the quarantine decreed by the Argentine Government, all the office staff began working from home, thanks to the “Smart office” system that was promoted long before this contingency. That's why, with the right equipment, software and help from Global Digital Solutions, more than half of employees are already working easily from home.

In the case of Edesur, two operation centers of low, medium and high voltage were built in record time as a backup. At the rhythm of the closing of the commercial offices disposed by the government, the digital channels to carry out procedures and payments were strengthened and a map was created with payment points throughout the concession area for those customers who only pay cash (nearly half of the 2.5 million customers).

In order to bring information to the population, even beyond the specificity of the electric service, a special hub was opened on dedicated to the Covid-19 with information from reliable and verified sources.

"We understand that providing electricity is as important as contributing to the community," says Nicola Melchiotti, Country Manager at Enel Argentina. Thus, the recently inaugurated Training Center in Ezeiza was converted into a field hospital with the help of the Municipality. Around 300 beds are already installed and oxygen tubes are being placed to receive patients. In addition, the company provides assistance to other hospitals within the concession area and has activated a special protocol for the care of sensitive clients, such as electro-dependents.

For its part, Enel Generación El Chocón reduced its workforce and isolated the essential operation workers, canceling any non-essential action for the hydroelectric plant, also reinforcing the cleaning of common areas and transportation and canceling physical contact in the changing of the guard. Similar measures were taken at Enel Generación Costanera, one of the AMBA's largest generators.

It should be noted that even before the presidential decree, the company had made the decision not to cut off service to vulnerable customers. At this point, it is very important to note that the payment obligation remains in force for the rest of the clients not included in the decree (around 500 thousand homes and small businesses are under this new disposal) and that today it is more important than ever to act responsibly and in solidarity. Maintaining the payment chain at a time when energy is essential is vital to get through this contingency together without major problems than the pandemic itself.