Control centers during the pandemic

Published on Monday, 4 May 2020

About 100 operators of our low, medium and high voltage control centers work every day to guarantee the flow of energy in the network and attend incidents throughout the concession area.
In total, we have four centers to guarantee maximum support during the pandemic. Three are located in our headquarters in the Monserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires and one in SACME, the company that monitors our energy exchanges with Edenor. We also incorporate a monitoring room in Enel Trading.
Four days before the quarantine began, we had set up operational control areas for possible contingencies to avoid problems related to the coronavirus COVID-19.
All rooms divide work into groups, shifts specially designed to avoid overlapping, periodic disinfection and adequate distance between positions.
What is it?
The control center is an operating unit from where we control the correct operation of the network. Our professionals supervise and coordinate power delivery and maneuvers that require intervention by crews or other maintenance equipment.
Each of the operators has health care elements such as chinstraps, gel alcohol and glasses to carry out their tasks, complying with the measures recommended by our health and safety experts.
So far in quarantine, the teams are handling an average of 700 low voltage incidents and around 4 medium voltage incidents.
"All the incidents that are registered on the day are handled in their entirety by the different teams that we have in all the areas of the concession area," explained Christian Podestá, head of Technical Operation of the Network.
The average resolution time is 2 hours. A high percentage is resolved in the first intervention.
As part of the changes we have implemented since the pandemic, some low-voltage operators started teleworking. In other words, they have started working from home.
In this way, each team complies with social distancing and complies with the provision of an essential service. Taking care of ourselves is everyone's responsibility.