Our compliance plan during the pandemic

Published on Saturday, 29 August 2020

At Enel Argentina we want to highlight the most relevant actions of our Compliance plan carried out in the midst of the pandemic crisis. We continue to raise awareness about integrity and transparency in our processes.

Anti-bribery Management System
Edesur was the first company in South America to obtain certification in the Anti-Bribery Management System (ISO37001: 2016). Likewise, we continue working on the activities associated with the maintenance of the Certification and we are making progress in the certification of this standard for all the group companies in the country.

Data Protection
We raise awareness about the safe treatment of sensitive information. Code and ethical channel
We reinforce communications to follow the principles of action that we have established in our code of ethics. We disseminate the QR code so that stakeholders can enter the channel and make complaints of non-compliance with the ethical code, ensuring the anonymity and confidentiality of the complainant.

Crisis committee
We created a Task Force that reports information to senior management, with the objective of supporting the country manager in defining the emergency plan that complies with current policies, procedures and regulations.

Emerging risks
We reevaluate risks and procedures in response to crises to ensure an adequate control system.

We make our staff aware of sensitive processes through virtual training and periodic communications