Energy Transition: 850 students participated in training workshops

Published on Friday, 16 October 2020

Students from 42 technical schools in the province of Buenos Aires are participating in the online Energy Transition course, which Enel Argentina dictates in coordination with the Technical Directorate of the Ministry of Education and the Colectando Sol organization.

There are 400 students from the last years of the specialties: electromechanics, electricity, electronics, constructions and renewable energy, coming from different schools throughout the province of Buenos Aires, beyond the concession area.

Added to these are 450 students from 14 technical schools in the Federal Capital who have already completed the training in June 2020, which gives a total of 850 young people from 56 technical schools trained in Energy Transition.

Local and global energy
The Course takes 4 weeks, with one unit per week, which lasts between 1 and 3 hours. In each class, students have support material such as recorded audios or complementary videos, with tasks and different exercises.

The idea is that the student can perform the exercises individually or in a group, and can even share it in their family nucleus to discuss the different topics. Each one is expected to develop awareness of this reality and take a constructive and critical position on the issues.

During the first meeting, students receive an introduction on energy and its technical aspects, also on consumption and its environmental impact, as well as the world energy context.
In the second class they cover solar energy, then wind energy and finally smart grids. Each of the courses is crossed by the applicability in the local and global reality.

Ministry certification
Thus, Enel Argentina, in coordination with the professionalizing practice teams of the technical departments of Education in both the capital and the province and Colectando Sol, contributes to the education of young people in a complex context, like the current one.

That is why the classes are completely online and they only require an internet connection to participate, and of course their interest in accessing content that will enrich their extracurricular training in the global energy context with the help of specialized teachers.

At the end of the course, students receive a certification validated by the Ministry of Education, Buenos Aires or the province as the case may be.