We present the 2019 Sustainability report

Published on Monday, 5 October 2020

At Enel Argentina we believe in the equation Sustainability = Value, understanding that acting with a long-term sustainable vision creates value within the ecosystems where we develop and we have adopted a work methodology to achieve this.

Taking advantage of the synergies between the different business areas, taking actions promoting innovation and implementing Open Power behaviors, the Enel Group seeks solutions to reduce the environmental impact and meet the requirements of customers and the local communities in which it operates, with the commitment to ensuring high standards of safety for employees and suppliers alike.

In this way, Enel can face the new challenges of the energy transition process, not simply reacting to risks, but taking advantage of all opportunities without leaving anyone behind.

A clear, defined and long-term strategic vision, and day-to-day actions based on the concept of openness and the inviolable synthesis between innovation and sustainability.

Enel's purpose:
“Open Power for a better future. We promote sustainable progress"

The pillars of the sustainable business model:

1) Operational improvements for a quality service
Continuous improvement in the distribution of supply is essential to provide an effective service. During 2019, work continued on Edesur's distribution network to improve its quality and efficiency. These technological improvements this year achieved an 18% reduction in the average duration of a service interruption for our customers.
Works in Vulnerable Neighborhoods.
In order to normalize the connection in all those homes that still do not have a meter installed, a normalization plan has been started in many of the neighborhoods that do not have regular service.
In 2019 supplies were normalized within various municipalities of the province of Buenos Aires where, in addition, a prior awareness-raising process was carried out, in order to monitor their inclusion as customers.
Enel X: Development of solutions for the generation of low carbon energy. Based on the new challenges that the world poses today, where the axis is to generate a sustainable production model and smarter cities, E Mobility's business line develops the largest charging infrastructure for electric cars in Argentina.

2) Our people
With the focus on generating an open and inclusive culture that enhances the retention of talent and the personal and professional development of the Group's employees, Enel Argentina works on a management plan that responds to the needs of its teams and the business, providing training and an environment that promotes balance in your personal and work life.
Programs for the management of diversity as an organizational wealth and favoring inclusion with a special focus on gender for equal opportunities for women and men.

3) Creation of Shared Value
We work together with key actors in the community based on spaces for dialogue and action, to create together, and jointly, innovative solutions to their demands and needs, promoting a culture of energy efficiency and responsible consumption of energy. In this interaction we also enhance detected capacities, promoting the development of productive clusters and contributing to quality education in communities in vulnerable situations. All the actions undertaken contribute to the SDGs on which the ENEL Group focuses and has specific goals for the beneficiaries.

· 47 Projects executed.

· 52,408 Beneficiaries.

· Electrical adaptation of neighborhood clubs.

· Electrical adaptation of the Little Giants Dining Room.

· Electrical adaptation of Cooperativa El Correcamino.

· Job placement plan.

4) Innovation and Digitization
Enel is a network open to innovation and transformation of the sector. It seeks to continue bringing energy to more and more people, so building leadership in the development of technology is a fundamental pillar for achieving it in a sustainable way in the long term.
1,500 remote control equipment that made it possible to substantially improve the operation of the network, together with 10 new underground transformation centers.
Digital Centrals.

These 4 pillars are always accompanied by the transversal approach of Circular Economy:

The circular economy combines competitiveness, innovation and sustainability with a clear impact on the economic system. That is why we continue to deepen the development of projects that promote the reconversion of discarded materials, to reconvert them into new inputs or alternatives within the production chain.

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