We certify 850 students in Energy Transition

Published on Monday, 28 December 2020

A total of 850 students from 56 technical schools in the Federal Capital and the province of Buenos Aires participated this year in the online Energy Transition course given by Enel in coordination with the Technical Directorate of the Ministry of Education and the Colectando Sol organization.

The energy transition is the process of transformation of the energy matrix, in a planned and consensual way, in which public and private actors from the countries of the world intervene. It is a challenge that different countries of the world are currently posing, which means leaving behind conventional energy systems to replace them with renewable ones.

The participating students were selected from the last years of the electromechanical, electricity, electronics, construction and renewable energy specialties, with the aim of consolidating and expanding their knowledge in conventional and renewable energy.

Asynchronous training

Pablo Cuesta, specialist professor of Professionalizing Practices of the Directorate of Technical Education of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, explained how strategic it has been for the ministry to have this possibility "because we believe that energy crosses many specialties and from this the interest that the student can deepen in these topics ”.

One of the lines of work of the practices, said Cuesta, is training to strengthen the professional profile of future and future techniques that are to be received. "And the feedback from the students has been very good, they have found the subject matter and the method we implemented interesting, which was asynchronous training, they also liked it".

Marcelo Cueva, teacher at the Ing. José L. Delpini Technical School, highlighted that the topics that most impact students are energy waste and how to be more sustainable, as well as everything related to solar energy.

“The activities are good and it has been very entertaining. It is a very nice experience for the boys ”.


Obtaining the Certificate

The Energy Transition course was initially conceived in person. With the pandemic it was adapted to a virtual format, on a platform developed by Colectando Sol especially for students to interact with teachers and classmates.

“The training is conceived so that the boys attend and answer a list of guidelines and instructions to move on to the next module. And so on until obtaining the certificate ”, said Cuesta.

With this knowledge, students can take up their projects within schools and incorporate them. Also, that each boy develops critical thinking about the issues and assumes a constructive position.

This action is in addition to the different trainings that Edesur has been carrying out, which help to understand the local energy context and prepare people to face the challenges of the energy transition.