We launched the second digital edition of Play Energy to create the city of tomorrow

Published on Friday, 16 April 2021

At Enel we bet on the Circular Economy and stimulate your creativity through the values ​​of sustainability, innovation and the conscious use of energy. As a result of this, we launched the Play Energy 2021 contest which is aimed at students.

This new edition, and the second that is done digitally, recently in the Circular City. Young people will have activities in which they will discover the benefits of generating a sustainable, innovative, accessible future and caring for the environment.

Students between 14 and 20 years old from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Italy and Peru will be able to participate. The edition will be 100% digital and will be held between April 1 and the end of October 2021.

What kind of activities will they have to do?
The goal of Play Energy is for young people to expand their imagination, be creative and be inspired by everything around them. All ideas must be projects in which energy is used in an innovative and sustainable way. We want to arouse your curiosity so that you can be efficient using energy at home, on the street or anywhere in the city.
The activities are one per month and the itinerary is as follows:

1. Prioritize renewable resources (THINK RENEWABLE)
2. Designing for the future (DESIGN THE FUTURE)
3. Use waste as a resource (WASTE SMART)
4. Preserve and expand what has already been done (PRESERVE & UPGRADE)
5. Incorporate digital technology (MAKE SCHOOL DIGITAL)
6. Rethink the business model (USE vs. BUY)
7. Collaborate to create joint value (SHARE TO CARE)

Play Energy 2021 finalists will have access to an online hackathon during the Campus Party Digital Event in January 2022. This year, PlayEnergy is also supported by the MacArthur Foundation through a collaboration aimed at enhancing the synergy of engaging content for the younger generations.

You can sign up here https://playenergy.enel.com/