Enel X inaugurated the first electric charging station in a restaurant

Published on Thursday, 9 June 2022

In 2020, three partners from the gastronomic sector devised a restaurant in the heart of Rincón de Milberg, province of Buenos Aires, with the spirit of collaborating with the environment. “The three of us bet on the future. The opportunity of this property appeared, where there was nothing, and we said we are going to do something with old and recycled things”, recalls Pablo Risso Patron, founding partner of the Granero restaurant. An innovative proposal that seeks to be "a grain of sand in the world", according to its owners.

The use of renewable energies crosses this gastronomic initiative, which seeks to be sustainable in all its forms. Granero became the first restaurant to have a JuiceBox, Enel X's Commercial electric charging station. That allows its customers to charge their electric vehicles for free while enjoying a delicious meal.

"Electric car is the future. I started researching and looking at the offer. I saw some Enel X chargers at Nordelta and contacted the company. Later, Enel X contacted them and approached Granero with the Nissan Leaf vehicle and gave us a little talk. Later, we acquired the JuiceBox electric charging station”, details Risso Patron.

Juicebox is available in 3 power levels: 3.7kW 7.4kW and 22kW. In addition, it is compatible with all-electric vehicles on the market (Socket Type 2).

“For several years we have been developing different recharging solutions, whether for homes, businesses, companies as well as everything that has to do with the development of public recharging infrastructure that allows all users to be able to charge outside their domicile”, describes Adrián Peragallo, head of Emobility for Enel X Way Argentina.

A gastronomic proposal that collaborates with the environment

Granero also has an organic garden, where extracted aromatic plants that later used in cocktails and vegetables that are part of the different salads. “You must raise awareness at some point, and you have start. Perhaps we are not going to see it,” says Risso Patron.

In terms of architecture, the restaurant bets on recycling of different materials. For example, the columns that support the place are old oil pipes brought from the province of Neuquén. "No more oil can be extracted through these pipes, but they serve, for example, to support a roof," says the partner.

Enjoying an experience at Granero undoubtedly adds a bit to world: use of renewable energy, clean transportation, recycling, and gastronomy with less waste. In the end, care for and preserving biodiversity and the future of planet.