Enel X strengthened its alliance with Santander: it installed lithium batteries in 12 of its branches

Published on Monday, 18 July 2022

As part of the agreement with Santander Bank and in line with the entity's global objective of being carbon neutral by 2025, Enel X replaced the liquid fuel backup generators with lithium batteries in 12 of its branches.

There, it installed 18 battery modules of 2.56 kWh, where the power of the inverters is 15 kW, with a range of 3 hours; and the storage capacity is 46.08 kWh. The batteries are charged through the electrical network and photovoltaic panels.

These stocks are part of an energy market that is witnessing a new phase in its evolution. The vertiginous increase in renewable energies, together with the greater digitization of electrical networks, is evolving the way of generating and distributing energy.

In this sense, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions collaborates in the fight to mitigate the effects of climate change. For this reason, as a company, we work on the energy transition under three pillars: decarbonization, digitalization, and electrification.


Lithium batteries as a storage source

Lithium batteries are presented as an energy storage system, which allows you to create a reserve that can be used at any time.

In addition, they provide immediate backup to power certain critical loads in the event of potential power outages.

Along these lines, they are hybrid systems that allow the storage of energy from renewable sources, and their autonomy depends on their size.


Seven benefits of the system

  • Eliminates carbon dioxide emissions caused by generators.
  • Provides immediate backup to power certain critical loads in the face of potential power outages.
  • It is a hybrid system that allows the storage of energy from renewable sources.
  • Eliminates maintenance costs of diesel generators and fuel use.
  • Avoids the replacement of stabilizers and UPS batteries (lead-acid battery regulated by valves).
  • Eliminates noise and vibrations, which avoids possible conflicts with consortia -especially in residential areas-.
  • Reduces the risk of fire associated with liquid fuels.


Through this system, Enel X accompanies its clients on their path to energy transition by incorporating renewable energies.