“There are no geographical limits, many languages are spoken and it aims at taking aspires to bring science, sustainability culture and importance of innovation to thousands of schools worldwide.”

In Play Energy you can learn and explore. Both professors and students are given learning material to play and share, whether at home or at school. Created 13 years ago, this project was born to introduce younger people to this fundamental asset illuminating and improving our lives: energy. In all schools, the project encourages the scientific approach, the attention to the environment and the need to use this resource in a responsible and intelligent manner. Talking about energy with younger children means teaching a shared responsibility culture based on scientific facts, and at the same time teaching them to take care of their future, their career, the world.

The programme includes an international contest that challenges children to imagine a future made of innovation. Since 2003, Play Energy has been an educational milestone for schools in those countries included in the project. Students start to work and research in October every year in order to submit their project in May.

In October 2016, this initiative was declared of Educational Interest by the authorities of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.