Enel Group Worldwide

“Enel is engaged in the renewable energy sector, as well as research and development of new technologies that respect the environment.”

More than 47% of the energy generated by Enel in 2014 was produced without carbon dioxide emissions, making it one of the leading clean energy producers worldwide.

Enel Green Power (EGP) is the Group's listed company, devoted to renewable energy generation. It operates more than 46 GW of generating capacity based on the generation of hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, solar and biomass, with cogeneration in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Enel Green Power is a renewable energy company with the most diversified intelligent technology among its global competitors.

Business and shareholders

In 2018, Enel generated a total of about 250 TWh of electricity, distributing 485 TWh over its own grids and selling 295 TWh. Company revenue totalled 75.7 billion euros, with an ordinary EBITDA of 16.2 billion euros. Enel also sold 11.2 billion m3 of gas.

Enel was first listed on the Milan stock exchange in 1999, and it is one of the Italian companies with the largest number of shareholders, including both retail and institutional investors. Enel’s largest shareholder is the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, which owns 23.6% of the shares. In addition to Enel, other Group companies are listed on the world's most important stock markets. Thanks to its code of ethics, sustainability report, policy of respect for the environment, and the adoption of international best practices on transparency and corporate governance, Enel counts the largest international investment funds, insurance companies, pension funds and ethical funds among its shareholders.

A New Way to Feel Energy

In January 2016, Enel launched its new corporate identity “Open Power”. To be open is the key element of the strategic and operating focus of the Group. The new vision of the Enel Group, Open Power, seeks to solve the greatest challenges in the world, bringing energy for more people through new technologies, stimulating new ways of managing it for the consumer, opening it to new uses and forming a network of research, technology and development colaborators that will bring new solutions to build a future of progress for all.

A task that we seek to achieve guided by our values: responsibility, innovation, trust and proactivity.

It is an ambitious vision in which we work with the enthusiasm of those who want to change the world.

In Enel Group we share the same goals, vision and commitment. The Enel brand is a visible sign of our unified global identity, in all latitudes, around the world.

How does Enel seek to bring energy to more people?

We are committed to solve problems of access and connectivity through innovation, the development of technological systems and the opportunities offered by renewable energies.

Enel was the first energy company in the world to replace traditional electromechanical meters with smart meters, which allow to measure consumption in real time and manage contractual relationships remotely. At present, about 32 million Italian retail customers are equipped with smart meters developed and installed by Enel.