Vision, mission and values

“Open Power to help address some of the world's biggest challenges.”

A task that we seek to achieve guided by our values: responsibility, innovation, trust and proactivity. It is an ambitious vision in which we work with the enthusiasm of those who want to change the world. In Enel Group we share the same goals, vision and commitment. The Enel brand is a visible sign of our unified global identity, in all latitudes, around the world.

How does Enel seek to bring energy to more people?

We are committed to solve problems of access and connectivity through innovation, the development of technological systems and the opportunities offered by renewable energies.

Enel was the first energy company in the world to replace traditional electromechanical meters with smart meters, which allow to measure consumption in real time and manage contractual relationships remotely. At present, about 32 million Italian retail customers are equipped with smart meters developed and installed by Enel.

Our Vision

How do we imagine our future?

For the first time in Enel's history, we adopted a vision that shows the direction we want to look to every day. Our new keyword is 'openness': open to the outside world, to technology and, inside our business, to our co-workers.. This is the strategic concept that generated Open Power.

Our mission 2025

Since the beginning of our corporate history, we have been driving world innovation and progress, changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and their relationship with energy.

Today, as global challenges become more and more demanding, we need to work together towards a more sustainable future. In order to do it with the necessary strength, we need to open up. How?

Open energy to more people.

We will use and extend our global reach and scale to connect more people to secure and sustainable energy, with a special focus on Latin America and Africa.

Open energy to new technologies.

We will lead development and deployment of technologies to generate and distribute energy more sustainably, with a special focus on renewables and smart grids.

Open up new ways of managing energy for people.

We will develop more services built around people's needs to help them use and manage energy more efficiently, with a focus on smart meters and digitisation.

Open up energy to new uses.

We will develop new services that use energy to tackle global challenges, with a focus on connectivity and e-mobility.

Open up to more partnerships.

We will unite a network of collaborators in research, technology, product development, and marketing to build new solutions together.

Our Values


We always act in a competent, honest and transparent manner, in order to gain the trust of our colleagues, customers and partners, enhancing our personal differences. We return their trust through our confidence in their ability to create value that we can share.

“Trust, innovation, responsibility and proactivity. These values reflect who we are and what we believe in; these are the principles that need to guide us every day if we are to carry forward the transformation we started.”

– Francesco Starace, CEO and Director General of Enel.


We live and work with curiosity, we strive to go beyond our customs and we overcome our fears, in order to open energy to new uses, technologies and people, learning from each other and taking to heart our failures as well as our successes.


Each of us, at any level, is responsible for the Group's success. We devote our energy to serving people's needs, improving life and making it more sustainable.


We feel personally responsible for our work. We continuously interpret global scenarios and challenges in order to anticipate change, resetting our priorities if the context requires it.​

Our behaviours

How can we reflex the Open Power values into concrete behaviours that improve our daily lives in the our Group?

“Open Power philosophy is a culture and mindset that enables looking at our business from a different perspective. It means being able to look outside ourselves and be open to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by business models different from our own.”

– Francesca Di Carlo

  • How can we reflex the Open Power values into concrete behaviours that improve our daily lives in the our Group?
  • He/She adopts and promotes safe behaviours and takes the initiative in order to improve conditions regarding health, safety and wellbeing.
  • He/She takes decisions in his/her daily activities and accepts the responsibility that goes with them.
  • He/She delivers results and aims for excellence.
  • He/She seeks new solutions and does not give up when faced by obstacles and failures.
  • He/She adjusts his/her priorities rapidly when required to do so by changes in the scenario.
  • He/She shares relevant information and is cooperative, as well as willing to listen to other people's opinions and ideas.
  • He/She acknowledges colleagues' merit and provides feedback when asked or independently which improves their work.
  • He/She ensures customers' and/or colleagues' satisfaction by acting effectively and fast.
  • He/She strives to include everyone, acknowledges and enhances the value of individual differences.
  • He/She fulfils his/her commitments and performs his/her work passionately and with determination​.

Our New Identity

“It takes more than writing something on a logo to inspire behaviors. On the contrary, it works the other way around: logos are the consequence of how you interpret reality.” Francesco Starace, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Enel.

The Open Power revolution has forced us to visually redefine our brand and its presence in the world. But how can we make such an idea tangible?

At the beginning of our creative process, we explored ways in which the abstract concepts of energy and openness can be visually represented: from kinetic energy and physical phenomena, through to data driven systems. We asked ourselves: how would they look and feel? How can we translate them into an expression that effectively embodies the future of our company?

Our new visual expression

Based on these considerations, we set out to develop a new visual expression for our global brand that integrates all the ideas of Open Power and positions us differently from all the other major utilities. It is an open and collaborative expression, in order to allow everyone to participate. It is alive and puts people in a position to experience. It is always moving, in order to produce change and innovation.

Our new icon

At the center of our new image we put the cursor, which is the icon of Open Power. This essential graphical object represents the starting point of energy: in fact, its shape recalls the core filament in a light bulb. The cursor defines our new look and feel and creates a coherent design language, directly linking all our activities to the principles of Open Power, from the logo to printed materials, through to digital applications and products.

Our new logo

A modern and highly recognizable wordmark. The shape of our new logo was created by the movement of cursors, with each letter consisting of a cursor followed by a colorful trail of energy. Its typography is unique and is used in all our brands—Enel, Endesa and Enel Green Power—helping us to create a strong and coherent brand family.

In addition, we have introduced a range of eight colors, all of which are used in the logo, in addition to colored gradients to represent the entire spectrum of light and its continuous movement.

Our new website

Our renewed brand was immediately introduced on our new corporate website, This digital ecosystem epitomizes the Open Power mentality and approach. It is an open meeting place based on user-centered design: we have stopped thinking about what we would like to say and started listening to our stakeholders, in terms of the information they want and need to receive from us. It is a paradigm of the accessible and fast-paced world that we dream of, hence why the website has been designed with a mobile-first approach.

We want not only to inform, but also to inspire through our own example. On the website we reveal the people who light up the lives of millions of human beings every day, we show the places in the world where we are building a better future by working with local communities, and we explain the technology that our engineers and technicians have invented to make everyone's lives more sustainable, faster and smarter. In short, starting with the Web, we want to use all the opportunities available in the digital age to show what makes us one of the world's most successful companies: our passion.