Internal Corporate Policy

Enel Group's internal policy is an essential element to ensure efficient and successful corporate management, acting as a control over the activities developed in each area and company within the Group.

These corporate standards are based on the concepts of transparency and justice, on the basis of the recommendations contained in the Corporate Governance Code aimed at foreign companies for the implementation of best practices.

Every year, the Enel Group, together with its financial statements, issues a detailed report on corporate governance rules.

Additionally , the purpose of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders is to take decisions on relevant issues, such as the appointment of corporate positions, the approval of annual financial statements and the allocation of net profits.

The Board of Directors is in charge of managing the Company and conducts all the activities aimed at achieving corporate objectives .

As a control mechanism, the Auditors Committee monitors the Company's compliance with laws, and also oversees the proper management of corporate activities.

Enel understands transparency is one of its main pillars for management and governance purposes.