Our charging point in a service station

We have a second charging point for electric vehicles in Buenos Aires. Our subsidiary Enel X installed one of our electric power totems at the Axion service station, located at the corner of Avenida del Libertador and Salguero.

This energy recharge space provides 22kw of charge and has two dispensers, with capacity to supply two cars simultaneously.

Francisco Scroffa, head of Enel X in Argentina, considered that "this alliance is another step to open the electric mobility market in Argentina, a revolution that is taking place around the world and of which Enel is a leader".

This point is added to the one that had already been inaugurated last year at the Enel headquarters in San José and Alsina. The new electric charging station is available for all vehicles that want to get their energy and can do it right now and for free.

In this way, in line with quality and innovation, AXION energy is added by the hand of Enel X to the technological transformation that crosses Europe.