Did you know that our Executive Committee is made up of 32% women?

The Executive Committee of Enel Argentina is made up of 32% of women, a figure that is well above the general average of companies in this country.

This reality is linked to our policies on selection orientation and diversity policies, which seek to incorporate women in different positions of the company, and increase their participation in general.

This information was presented by our Sustainability Manager, Gislene Rodrigues, during the event "Women in the industry: Mission possible", organized by UN Women Argentina, where she described our actions on selection orientation, diversity policies and benefits linked to quality of life of our collaborators.

13% in Enel Argentina

At this moment, Enel Argentina has around 13% presence of women in all our subsidiaries, and aspires to gradually increase this percentage in the coming years.

"We continue with an orientation of the area of ​​P & O to expand the participation of women in our companies, increasing the percentage of participation in the selection lists", highlighted Rodrigues.

The diversity policy, which includes gender equality, contemplates the benefits of the Quality of Life program, as one of its lines of action.

Among them worth noting: workshops and medical talks on pre and post birth; reinstatement of gymnastics and / or yoga classes for pregnant women; maternity leave of 6 paid months; teleworking for 2 days per week, for 6 months after maternity leave; reimbursement for daycare; license for parents for 5 consecutive days and a Breastfeeding Room. In health, there are other benefits aimed only at the care of women, as a measure of prevention against breast cancer.

"The idea is that our employees can balance, reconcile their work activities with their personal lives," said Rodrigues.

Another of the actions on diversity policies is the technical training project in the electrical area aimed at women. In the first stage, the execution of a Basic Electricity Notion course for non-specialists has been planned, which will cover our entire concession area. Later, it will be extended to professionalizing courses.

The WEP's

It is important to highlight that Enel Argentina has manifested its commitment to responsibly promote gender equality, since it has already signed the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP's).

The representative of UN Women in Argentina, Florence Raes, stressed the importance of having more companies every day as strategic allies. "The signatory companies show their commitment to take the step with concrete actions in favor of equality. More than ever, the contribution of the private sector is fundamental for the implementation of WEPs. We need companies that guarantee equal opportunities, where the work and contribution of women is valued and recognized. "

The WEPs, a joint initiative of UN Women and the Global Compact of 2010, are a tool to engage the private sector to contribute to the advancement of the 2030 Agenda and promote gender equality in the work environment, in the market and in the communities.