Customers may inject clean energy into the network

Residential customers, small businesses and entrepreneurs of our Distributor, Edesur, can now be electricity generators, with the entry into force in Argentina of the Law 27.424.

In practice, this allows each of the client in the concession area to use any renewable energy source (such as solar panels or wind turbines) for their own consumption or to sell it, injecting it into the network.

The distributed energy saves the bill, because it reduces the percentage that corresponds to the purchase of the system. It also offers the opportunity to sell the surplus energy to the Distributor itself. So, it favors the process of energy transition that the country is going through, which means a leap towards clean and sustainable sources.

In detail

To have the service, customers must request it at any of the commercial offices, and comply with certain procedures such as requesting the bidirectional meter from the Distributor and obtaining the Fiscal Credit Certification (CFC), which is approved by the Secretary of Energy of the National Government.

The maximum power allowed for each generating user is the one contracted with the distributor, which appears in the invoice. For example, if any user has contracted 20 kW of power with his distributor, he can connect to the network a distributed generation equipment, whose power does not exceed 20 kW.

The maximum limit for distributed generation is 2 MW.

The economic compensation of the generator user will be per unit of energy measured in kWh, which depends on the price at which the Distributor purchases the electric energy and its transportation.

The scheme is that of “Net Billing Balance”: difference between the monetary value of the energy demanded from the network and the value of the energy injected into the network before taxes.

Debtors of the national tax agency, AFIP, may not request this service until they cancel their due tax amount.