Free electricity for beginners and advanced students

Our Distributor opened two free electricity courses to the community aimed at expanding knowledge and facilitating job placement.

The courses are divided into two modalities, one of which is for beginner students, who in four sessions and a total of 16 hours will receive all the basic knowledge to perform simple tasks.

The second is for advanced students and consists of 8 sessions, 32 hours in total, and its objective is to provide knowledge to those who already have elementary training in electricity and will allow participants to delve into more complex practices. This modality offers the possibility of obtaining certification from the National Technological University to enroll as an electrician.

This week the first two editions that are dictated at the National Technological University (UTN) headquarters of the City of Buenos Aires begin and already have more than one hundred registered.

This initiative is developed together with the Fundación Emprender Project (PROEM) and the UTN; It is part of our Sustainability Program “We Are Opportunity” and is framed in the fourth Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations: Quality Education.

Basic electricity course

4 classes, 16 hours of training. It does not require prior knowledge and provides introductory training on the fundamentals of electricity. 100 places available.

Advanced electricity course

8 classes, 32 hours of training. It is necessary to have basic knowledge of electricity. The training offers the possibility of UTN certification to enroll as an electrician. 100 places available.

Sign up

If you are interested in participating in our next editions, you can inform PROEM by phone at (011) 4790-1335 or via email