We have 22 kms of network for San Vicente substation

Operators of our distributor work in the laying of 22 kilometers of high voltage network, 15 km underground and 7 km of air, which will connect to the new San Vicente Substation.

It is one of the most important works of the last three years of the Buenos Aires suburbs, which will benefit some 30,000 customers from the municipalities of San Vicente, Almirante Brown and Presidente Perón.

With this new station, consisting of two trafficses of 40 MVA each, we will be significantly expanding our network in the south of our concession area, to reduce supply failures, both voltage oscillations and cuts, and thus ensure greater quality of service we deliver to our users.

At this time, more coils continue to arrive, each 700 meters long, which will be used for the pipeline that will cross several important locations, and represents 95% of our work.